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Joker123 Myanmar - Tips to Win Big In Fish Games

1. Focus On The Game

Always remains in the mood of relax and focus is the best tactic you should apply in the fish game. Don’t ever feels panic if you have failed to kill fishes as they will respawn again throughout the game. Try to avoid any distraction as high concentration is the key to make you win big in fish game. If you are failed to do so, you will lose your chances of hitting the fishes.

2. Aim To Kill Lonely Fish

Whenever you found there are any lonely fishes, you should put them into target list first. Shoot them down as much as possible because they are easy targets for you. Make sure to use small or medium bullet to shoot down the fishes. If you spent more than three gunshots yet failed to shoot down the fish, then you should stop spending more coins on that target anymore.

3. Keep Watch Over The Speed Of The Fish

All fishes in the game swim with different speeds. Usually, small fishes swim slower than the average ones. Therefore, small fishes are always easy target for players to shoot with. But bear in mind that this rule is not applicable to special fishes or king fishes. Even though you may notice special fishes or king fishes might swim slow in sometime, yet you still required more bullets to shoot them down compared to small fishes. As you may know, the golden rule that applies to fish game is about the effectiveness of shooting. Some fishes are not going to die after one or two shots. Most importantly, you need to land the final shot on the fishes in order to win the coins. Otherwise, you won’t win any coins even though you contributed highest damages to the fishes.

4. Stay Away From Hidden Fish

While in the fish game, you may spotted some fishes appeared at hidden area. If you defeat this fish, you will increase the amount of your prizes twenty or thirty percent of the original prize. It might look attractive to you, yet those fish are too challenging to shoot at that moment. Unless you have high confident in shooting the fish down, otherwise don’t put this kind of fishes into your target list. Aim for small fish that swim slow 1st might be a better strategies for you. However, if these fishes swim out from the hidden area, then it is a good opportunity for you to risk for. Make sure to wait for the moment and shoot them at that time. By doing so, you would get a higher reward and eliminate one extra fish.

5. Points Of Each Fish Matter

Before start shooting, make sure to spend some times to study on the pay table of fish games. Understanding of the points of every type of fish are very important. Different fish games will have its own pay table and point calculation for each types of fishes. Small fish will have the fewer points but easy to shoot down; Following by special fish which have the middle range of rewards, while lastly king fish will have the highest rewards among the all fishes types. Do measure on your budget as this is an important factor to plan your strategies in fish game. As you know different levels of fishes required to spent certain amounts of bullets to shoot down. Make sure you ready enough pools of bullet if you are targeting at the highest reward king fishes. However, high risk always come with high return, once you successfully shoot down king fish, you definitely will walk away with huge rewards from fish game!

6. Hunt Down The Big Boss

Everyone who loved fish game always wished to shoot down the king fish because king fish is represented as jackpot in fish game. If you have enough bullets in your hand, take the risk and chase after the king fish. Special fish and king fish are great rewards to players if you able to hunt them down. For each king fish you takedown, you will get at least one hundred times more coin. However, it is a risky mission to hunt for special fishes or king fishes as they won’t be easily shooted down by one or two bullets. This is the reason why they are rewarded with huge and luxury return to players. Furthermore, fish games is a multiplayers online casino game. You may need to compete with other players as they might have the same target as you too. You need to play smart and always check out the remaining life point or endurance of the fish before wasting your bullets on the target that would not give you anything in return!


Earn easy cash by simply killing fish and withdrawing your money! Well, it sounds too good to be true, right? Once you have a go on the online fishing game, you will get hooked up! Moreover, the good news is now you can shoot fish to earn an even bigger multiplier on Joker123 Myanmar. You can win over x500 times your bets; Therefore, prepare your bullets now!

Among the most popular online gambling options at our site, hundreds of players love the fish table games. Due to their consistent passion, we have come so far to develop more than 15 fishing scenes with HD quality to serve the trendy needs. Choose any scene to catch fish deep underwater, and you’ll love it till the end!


The fish game’s design and style take place in the crystal ocean water with excellent 3D animation. Each fish has different colors and moves slower in favor of your winnings. The best thing is after you choose your favorite fish table, you are up to start within seconds. Joker123 Myanmar provides very clear and simple instructions on the “i” with fish characters and its payouts. Before starting, you can adjust your bet, switch guns, accelerate your gun speed, and start catching fish.

At Joker123 Myanmar Fish Game Casino, it is more than just catching a fish! It is all about the excitement to win real money online with a significant sum of money. The rule is simple; thus, nothing is more comfortable to earn winning bets than playing a high-payout online fish game. Our online fishing games are ideally designed to bring the best winning moments on the players’ gaming experience. There is no limit to killing fish from the most straightforward technique, and you can catch as many fish as you want! The more fish you shoot, the bigger payouts you get. Hence, if you’re going to begin your fishing games, then join us today and land a big win like many others.


It is impressive to experience a wide variety of shooting fish online under the deep ocean with incredible paying sound, background music, and a great selection of weapons. As the best online fishing game provider in Myanmar, Joker123 offers nearly twenty different fishes where players can shoot and win real money. Now you can play the fish table game in the group of six players, and the great news is you can form your own group. How fun is that? While playing, you can talk to your members and shoot fish separately as you want to! It indeed makes your fishing game more fun and effective!


First of all, you can start by choosing the best shooting scene that makes you feel inspired the most. Second, learn the different odd values of each fish. Remember, this is how the online fishing game works: Your Win = Bet x Odd. Therefore, fish odds determine your win; for example, if you shoot a big crab, you can earn 100-500 times of your total bet. It works the same with giant octopus and dragon odds. Thirdly, aim your fish and consider the best gun that suits your style. You can change gun weapons anytime you want. If you feel your hand is painful due to long hours of shooting, don’t worry. Try out assisting modes for a better online fishing journey.

There are two:

– Use Lock on: Shoot at targeted fish automatically

– Use Auto mode: Guns will automatically fire


You can choose any game which best suits your preference. Each scene comes with the highest standard and unique value, which will never disappoint you! Fish Hunter Hai Ba is the most popular one since it has more than 2000 active players every day in Myanmar. Similarly, the next is Golden Toad Fish Hunting. If you are into a new stylish mission popup, choose this scene. You experience Chain Lightning, Triple catch, Neptune needle, and “Kill Em All” Dynamite to win a 100x bet reward.

Last but not least, you can try Fish Hunter 2 Super Ex. You can now join your own fishing group by entering the free seats, the room number and code. There are 24 rooms to choose from!

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